Booking Events

How do I access the cloud platform?

Upon purchase of your photo booth an account on our cloud site will be created for you.

Where are my Cloud login credentials?

Your credentials will be emailed to you after the account is created.

Do I need to book an Event via Cloud every time?

Optimally you should. Management of your event is much easier and the cloud site allows for email and sharing site customization. Events codes can be created locally on the unit but they do not have access to sharing features customizations.

What graphic files and formats do you need for an event?
  • Image Overlay (3088×2056, PNG)
  • Event Wallpaper (1366×768, JPG)
  • Green Screen (3088×2056, JPG)
  • Animated GIF (600×600, GIF)
  • Collage Background (2056×3088, JPG)
  • GIF Image Overlay- Static (600×600, PNG)
  • GIF Image Overlay- Animated (600×600, GIF)
  • Animated GIF Green Screen- Static (600×600, PNG)
  • Animated GIF Green Screen- Animated (600×600, GIF)
  • Digital Props (350×350, PNG)
  • Email Top Banner (1035×135, PNG)
  • Email Bottom Banner (1035×135, PNG)
  • Sharing Site Background (1920×1080, JPG)
  • Sharing Site Top Banner (540×146, PNG)
  • Sharing Site Footer Banner (780×207, PNG)