Virtual Booth FAQ

Virtual Booth FAQ

Will there be free designs?

Yes, we will have a gallery of frames, stickers, backgrounds, application backgrounds and simple overlay designs.


Are the graphics included?

There will be a gallery of pre-designed free graphics, but for a custom design, there will be a cost 


Why is there a fee for Graphics Handling?

There is work involved for our team checking to make sure the files are technically correct, uploading them to the server and creating the event.


Does the $950 removal of TapSnap branding include adding the client’s brand? 

Yes, we will remove any TapSnap logos and the “powered by TapSnap” from the application and add the client’s branding.


If the client has multiple events do they have to pay $950 each time to remove TS branding on the App

If they are using the same graphics then no they don’t have to. 


Can the client help select the custom URL?

Not at the moment, but this may be something that is added later. URL’s will be We recommend keeping the event name short as it will be part of the URL 


Is this an App that gets downloaded? 

No, it is a web application, so that it can be delivered across all devices with a browser and a camera without requiring the user to download anything. 


Can the App be linked to other platforms such as Zoom, BlueJeans Events, etc. or separate?

No, it can’t be linked, but someone hosting a Zoom meeting can share the URL through the chat function. Other online conferences can incorporate the link into their design


Can you offer a physical book or printed photos to the client?  

Photos could be printed by connecting your printer to your laptop, however, keep in mind that the image size is 800 x 800.


When do we receive the link to the event photos?  

When the event is created


Will we offer a photo mosaic option with this content. 

To be considered as a future enhancement


Will there be a demo link?

Yes, there is a demo link, this link is on our TapSnap main website: